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Our friendly design engineers will help you select the home theater system that best suits your needs and your budget.

Home Theater and Entertainment

The lights dim, the drapes open, a colorful and clear image lights up the screen and surround sound fills the room. You ease back in your chair, popcorn in hand, prepared to be transported to a place where only a great movie can take you. When the credits roll by a couple of hours later, you don't have to bundle up to exit to a parking lot. Rather, you retire upstairs, or go to the kitchen for a snack, or catch up on a little work in your home office.

Marantz Home Theater

The power of home theater is that it can deliver a movie theater experience in your own home... and do much better. Home theaters are private palaces for people who would rather be entertained in the comfortable confines of their homes.

At Safeguard Protection, our friendly staff of design engineers will try to discover what type of home theater system will best suit your needs and your budget. With high quality equipment by such fine producers like Marantz, Niles, Energy, and Toshiba, we will make recommendations and will work together in refining your home theater concept.

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If a satellite TV sounds like a high-priced way to receive a television signal, then prepare yourself for a shock. Safeguard Protection and its sister company, Captive Audio Video, has teamed up with the giant in satellite TV, The Dish Network, to bring you quality viewing at very affordable prices.
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