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Intercom Systems
Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Among new home buyers, the trend toward better, more sophisticated built-in electronics continues to grow. Consumers in the 90's demand the same level of technology in their homes that they require in their work. Builders and remodelers who answer this need with high performance, cost-effective systems for home entertainment, security, communications and home controls will have a clear advantage with techno-oriented buyers.

Homeowners are rediscovering the value of voice communication throughout the home as a reliable security tool. That is why Safeguard Protection works with some of the largest custom builders in the Atlanta area, making sure that their homebuyers get the best quality equipment and installation in their new homes. Using only the best, we can extend and enhance your home security and effective communication within your household.

Door speakers at entrances allow visitors to be identified before they are admitted. Family members can be alerted instantaneously about severe weather or other emergencies. If a family member or guest has an emergency, help can be summoned from the room immediately. Infants, elderly and bedridden loved ones can be monitored in their rooms. Outdoor speakers can be used to monitor suspicious sounds or people in the yard, patio or pool area.

With our highly knowledgeable staff of security consultants, we will take the time to find out what you need in order to protect your loved ones and belongings, without changing your lifestyle. Our security consultants understand your needs and map out the best plan for your home.

Safeguard Protection feels that the safety of your family is more important than any of your material possessions. We emphasize the importance of a quality protection system that will exceed your expectations and not exceed your budget. That makes all of your choices much easier. Our commitment is your peace of mind.

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If a satellite TV sounds like a high-priced way to receive a television signal, then prepare yourself for a shock. Safeguard Protection and its sister company, Captive Audio Video, has teamed up with the giant in satellite TV, The Dish Network, to bring you quality viewing at very affordable prices.
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