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Central Vacuums
Central Vacuums

Central Vacuums

Throughout our lifetime, we have all seen many new modern and self sufficient items come into our lives. Just as people were amazed years ago by the dishwasher and washing machines, the future has brought about home theater rooms, intercom systems, and central vacuum.

Think to yourself about the stress free duties of cleaning your home and not having to remember where you left the vacuum cleaner or having to carry a heavy vacuum up and down a large flight of stairs.

With central vacuum, you have the modern convenience of attaching or detaching an electric carpet brush and hose, and cleaning your home. It is that simple!!

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Central Vacuums
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If a satellite TV sounds like a high-priced way to receive a television signal, then prepare yourself for a shock. Safeguard Protection and its sister company, Captive Audio Video, has teamed up with the giant in satellite TV, The Dish Network, to bring you quality viewing at very affordable prices.
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